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Freaky Friday (2003) IMDB 6.10(57 404) Full Movie Download

original title: Freaky Friday
rating: 6.10(57 404)
The U.S.
fantasy, Comedy, family
Director: mark Uoters. starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, mark under mount Hermon, Harold Gould, Chad Michael Murray, …
running time: , 97 min.
release date: 2003


Dr. Tess Coleman and her fifteen-year-old daughter Anne completely different views on the life. They differ tastes in absolutely everything – the fashion, the music, they like a completely different types of mujchin.I one Thursday their differences reach a climax. Tess did not approve of musical tastes daughter, and she can’t stand each other of their mother, and actively opposed to their wedding. But suddenly everything changes of the most wonderful obrazom.V Friday two irreconcilable enemy of waking up, suddenly find that they have swapped bodies. Due to this, she and Anne, are beginning to look at each other in the literal sense with new eyes, and imbued with a great mutual respect. But this is not enough: life’s a bitch gives the family a new test. Saturday – wedding Tess, and this adds spice in the relationship of the two heroines…

Review: Trade, eh? The eternal confrontation between fathers and children, beauties and monsters, popular, and not very. They are so different as black and white, positive and negative. Understand each other sometimes difficult science, and not all of it by force. Get into the skin of another is practically impossible.
And suddenly on the magical coincidence of circumstances, having fallen asleep in the late evening, one and.. the next morning, yawning widely, to drop as usual annoying alarm clock in the far corner of the room, Wake up suddenly the light-hearted and do not know the rest being in the world as a teenager, your dokuchayuschim, but his child, and on.toboy.
What a nightmare!!! Though. you have the extremely lucky to know him better, faced with the adolescent fears and concerns.
Get a feel of the children’s moments of joy and sorrow. Why he was so silent. Why would he need such a strange outfit or your car on Saturday night? How can you listen to the guitar riffs favorite band without fear of explosion of an eardrum. And why he hides, as you his way.
At the same time, as long as you remain in complete bewilderment, adjacent room with an inscription ‘Parents be strictly prohibited’ oglushilas scream.
Flee to explain, there’s no time for cries, quickly in the bath, then have a snack on the go a Cup of strong coffee, there are two, and in the office, don’t forget the annual report on the table, see you after 18.00 per night and with all the legs then run home to cook dinner.
And it was in a busy schedule as the need to shove item – the family!
In a rage kicking next lying school bag, toss a bunch of reports, with the remaining work, and longingly looked at the mountain of dirty dishes and a lot of nevyipolnenngo homework, leaving behind idle school gossip and office intrigue, grumpy and tired for a long time finally to the understanding and sympathy look at each other.
For negligent parents and disobedient children will be useful to ‘Freaky Friday’ with a magnificent Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay loan debacle. Even very sweet movie, a time for family viewing.
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